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A collection of thoughts and photographs from a new amateur photographer. These photos are taken en route through day to day life. No professional equipment - just good ol' fashioned fun.
~ Monday, September 12 ~

Last weekend I went home to spend time with my family while J and his fellow stags went on a stag weekend to Wales.  They had a predictably crazy(ish) time while I had a very chilled out weekend with my family.

I took some interesting photos (as you can see) of my parent’s very pretty garden and of my absolutely nutty cat (who does tend to come with me wherever I go - she travels extremely well!).  There was a spell of boredom where my sisters-in-law-to-be-very-soon and I decorated some of their folders to take to uni with them in a couple of weeks.  And I very slightly branched into taking pictures of people - Lauren being my first and only subject so far.  I think this has worked really well and is something I’m quite keen to continue - it’s just a case of catching people unawares, as I think we tend to photograph better when we don’t know it’s happening!

These photos are a great little insight to my world at home in Stamford with the family.  Very relaxed, fun, and a chance to unwind and catch up!


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